social work

This page is summarized social activities.

My alma mater ‘Meiji University of Integrative Medicine’

I studied acupuncture and moxibution at Meiji University of Integrative Medicine which is the oldest in Japan and got a its license.
At the university, I gained the medical knowledge and the foundation of Oriental medicine.

‘Kitasato University Oriental Medicine Research Center’ as an intern

After graduating from university, I worked at Kitasato University Hospital as an intern.
This hospital has clinical department featuring Kampo(Japanese herbal medicine) and acupuncture,and has been the first Japanese institution to be designated as a WHO Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine.
I was in charge of many patients and experienced various diseases,and learned Western medicine to complement Oriental medicine here.

Nepal health camp 2009
We went to Nepal for medical action to poor and rural people. Japanese and Nepali acupuncturists together did medical aid for rural people. Many patients came here. We could not speak Nepal language , so local students helped to translate. It had been a hard time, but we enjoyed to communicate with foreign people.
2008 pokala hospital little

Nepal health camp 2011
We came back to this country. We acted at house of Red cross. It had a few bed, so we had to do on the floor and under the tent, looks life army hospital. Many people, from children to elder man, came there and we took acupuncture with Nepal students who helped us to translate language. We stayed for a week.
chitwan tent little sumon little

German acupuncture 2013
yasasisa room little werner
In this year, I have experienced German acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. Traditional medicine is accepted in Germany, and having the national therapist’s qualification “Heilpraktiker”, they can use natural remedies such as acupuncture and herbs.
I met two acupuncturists. One was a German acupuncturist, studied traditional Chinese medicine, treated variously with acupuncture and moxibustion, traditional Chinese medicine, German herbs, diet therapy etc.
Another is a Japanese woman acupuncturist. She practiced treatment of soft iritation with traditional Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion and massage. She used a room of a naturopathic hospital operated by a city hall and was energetically active.
It was a meaningful time for us to exchange skill and knowledge each other.